What's Happening at Sea Level Scuba:

Issue 42        March 2012


Well we are back from Little Cayman, Oh what a great trip. Read more in my Blob. March is the month we start thinking about diving. Equipment that needs to serviced should get done and if your thinking about advance classes now the time to come in and talk.

All in stock wet suits still $125.00 in the month of March.

New links for the month:

Missing diver Vortex springs:

New thought on CPR:

DiveLaw's Rick Lesser Selected as Super Lawer:

Silent World Diving Key Largo joins with Avid Charters:

Brint Gillian Remembering Mike deGruy:

New in March:

The $30.00 wall

All items less then $30.00 with values up to $100.00 OR make me an offer

Coming SCUBA events:

Very cool shark video MUST see:

ScubaFest Dublin, Ohio March 16th - 18th 2012

Niagara Divers Shipwrecks Symposium March 31st 2012

Ghost Ships Festival April 13th / 14th 2012

Pool dates:

March 31th 2 pm - 5 pm

April 1st 9 am - 12 pm

April 14th 2 pm - 5 pm

April 15th 9 am - 12 pm

SeaSoft SeaLion BCD list price $529.99. Now $300.00

This BDC will fit you no matter how tall or short, no matter how stout or thin. With the patent pending SeaSoft SeaLion BCD everything is adjustable: the length, width and fit. You have built in retractor and brass clip to secure your gauge console. many D-ring, 2 tank straps, and the best ditching weight pockets with straight down release. (1 only)

Older style Dive Rite canister light.

App 4" wide by 14" high

50 watts asking $200.00

open for an offer:.

        More info and a picture:

Here are two links to some real nice videos for some fun under the ice; Watch closely as it takes place standing under the ice.



72cf LP steel cylinder.

$125.00 As is:  

80cf HP steel cylinder.

$130.00 As is:

More info and picture:

Just added 80cf alum cylinders. I have 3 total. These will sell for $100.00 each. Will have current Hydro, Feb Visual and filled to 3000psi.

   More info and picture

Sea Soft travel BCD.


Older stye jacket BCD.


More info and picture:

Winter trip for 2013 will be to Curaçoa

Dates are February 16th - 23rd 2012

$1395.00 for diver

$1025 for non-diver

More info here